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Calming your Child’s Reptile Brain

  I’ve shared in another post the importance of helping our minds and bodies to relax. Often, your children need our help in calming their bodies, brains and emotions. Progressive muscle relaxation is a wonderful, research-proven tool for helping increase relaxation.  Because I’m a play therapist, I added a playful spin […]
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Play Therapy – Not just for kids!

In celebration of National Play Therapy Week, I wanted to share a bit of information about how play therapy can be used with adults. All of the expressive therapies such as Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Movement Therapy, and, yes, […]
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Why Play Therapy?

This week is National Play Therapy Week sponsored by the Association for Play Therapy. During this week, members, including yours truly, strive to broaden the public’s understanding about what play therapy is and why it is a great intervention for a variety of concerns which many children and […]
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Happy National Play Therapy Week!

  “You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in year of conversation.” – Plato This week we are celebrating National Play Therapy Week. This is an opportunity to share information […]
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I am pleased to announce my Winter 2015 group schedule. I will be offering three social skills/friendship groups titled “I Can Be Flexible”. These groups are designed to help children increase their ability to get along with others and feel better about themselves. […]
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