Meladie Burke offers play therapy for children and adultsLanguage is a skill that develops throughout childhood. This puts children needing to express their feelings at a disadvantage. That is, they may have trouble telling us how they feel. Fortunately, we can learn about what a child is “saying” through their actions. Play is the first and natural language of children. It is how they learn about the world and the people around them.

Play therapy is a type of expressive therapy used most often with children. I am a Registered Play Therapist. This means that I have received specialized training in interacting and communicating with children through play.

I have also received training in and practice Filial Therapy. This is a special type of play therapy developed in the 1960s which empowers parents to use the skills of non-directive play therapy to learn about and increase communication with their child.

Those wishing to learn more about play therapy and its proven benefits can visit the Association for Play Therapy website.

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