My child won’t sleep in his/her own bed! Contact Meladie
I can’t get my daughter to eat anything!
We constantly fight about chores and homework!

Meladie Burke Therapy offers parent coaching and consultatingParenting is a rewarding yet demanding job. Despite an abundance of books, advice columns and other media dedicated to “raising your kids right”, many parents struggle to make the right decisions for their families. As the parent of two young children myself, I understand how challenging it can be to sift through the mountains of information and advice and make decisions that feel right. However, I do know that within each parent is the power to live and raise a family according to one’s values and beliefs.

Through parent coaching and consultation, I can help you understand your child and his behavior better. We will work together to improve your relationship with your child and find greater cooperation and connection. I will help you create a calm and peaceful home environment where everyone thrives.