My spouse/partner is driving me crazy! Contact Meladie
Why can’t my parents treat me like the adult that I am?
I’m really struggling to get along with my boss and co-workers!
I have many friends, but I feel so lonely!

Get relationship help with Meladie Burke TherapyAs human beings, we are wired for connection. We need relationships to grow, develop and feel complete. However, when those relationships become strained, we tend to either internalize the difficulty, working harder to change the other person or distance ourselves from the relationship, further creating a sense of disconnection. Either move can leave us feeling less than satisfied.

I am passionate about helping my clients gain a greater understanding of themselves and how they can effectively get what they want and need from their relationships with others.

I work with my clients using techniques grounded in Family Systems Theory and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. We can begin by exploring relationships from your family of origin and the patterns of reacting and interacting you learned through those early experiences. Next, we can identify how those patterns of interaction are affecting your relationships today. Through this process, we will determine changes you wish to make in these relationships in order to develop healthier and more fulfilling relationships in the future.

If you wish for improved relationships with family, friends or co-workers, contact me today to learn more about how more satisfying relationships can help you feel more satisfied in life.