I offer counseling for anxiety and depression relief in my Old Town, Alexandria office. Does this seem familiar to you?

I can’t seem to turn off my engine!
I just don’t enjoy things like I used to!Contact Meladie
There has to be more to life than this!
I feel so exhausted all the time!

Meladie Burke Therapy offers anxiety and depression relief in AlexandriaEvery person experiences feelings of low mood or energy or feelings of stress from time to time. That is human nature. However, if low mood or stress persists over time or interferes with your relationships at home or work or prevents you from being productive, you may be struggling with anxiety or depression. It may be time to seek counseling for help.

Anxiety and depression become exacerbated by our external experiences as well as our internal experiences. That is, we often receive messages from our fast-paced culture that we need to be more, do more or get more to feel better. Internally, we may try to cope with uncomfortable feelings by sending ourselves unhelpful messages about doing more, being more or getting more.

The fact is: You are already enough!

Using a combination of techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mind/Body and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and Positive Psychology my counseling for anxiety and depression can bring relief.  We will work together to identify unhelpful patterns of thoughts and behavior that are keeping you stuck in negative cycles of unpleasant emotions and feelings. Not only can you find relief from those feelings of sadness, worry or disappointment, you will find a greater sense of well-being, satisfaction and fulfillment with life.