I recently came across this animated edition of Sherry Turkle’s Ted Talk – Connected – But Alone. It resonated with me as I think about how we receive and interpret messages about love, relationships, connection and togetherness. In a world that supposedly is more connected that ever, why do so many of us feel alone?

First, I would say, you are not alone in feeling alone. We all feel isolated and disconnected from others from time to time. Connecting with others requires vulnerability. And it is human nature to protect ourselves from feelings of vulnerability. This is particularly true in our closest relationships. Yet, in our closest relationships, we are the most in need of true and authentic connecting.

Second, just as Sherry Turkle points out, social media exacerbates that feeling of disconnection by making us believe we are more connected than we actually are. While I by no means am advocating getting rid of technology or even criticizing its existence or use (Ask anyone who knows me, my iPhone is never far from my side!), I do wonder what it would be like to be more mindful of how we use social media and technology.

Could it lead us to create and maintain more authentic relationships with one another?