In celebration of National Play Therapy Week, I wanted to share a bit of information about how play therapy can be used with adults. All of the expressive therapies such as Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Movement Therapy, and, yes, Play Therapy, access the right side of the brain. (Check out this cool infographic about left brain vs. right brain.) Research tells us that accessing the right hemisphere of the brain can help us get in touch with our creativity, emotions and help us see the big picture.

From time to time, I invite my adult clients to access their creative side in session through use of art, journaling, movement or creating a world in the sand tray. While we may feel a bit awkward or silly at first, my experience is that the experience can be transformative in gaining greater insight, reducing anxiety and increasing mood.

If you would like to learn more, you might visit this link, or give me a call to see if creatively expressing yourself in therapy might be a good fit for you.