For the past few years, my family has tried something new for our Advent Calendar. We created an Advent of Activities. We brainstormed as a family 24 fun activities we would like to do over the next few weeks. I wrote each idea on an index card and each evening we select one from the stack. My calendar is quite simple although I know some crafty folks out there who have made some amazing calendars.

Here is a list of some of ours to inspire you if you’d like to give it a try:

– Drink hot chocolate with the family

– Drive around and look at lights

– Sing Christmas Carols

– Play a Board/Card Game (Child X chooses)

– Dance party (Christmas music a bonus)

– Sock Basketball (This is a game requiring 5 pairs of socks and a laundry basket)

– Hide and Go Seek

– Play a Board/Card Game (Child Y chooses)

– Drive around a look at lights (this makes several appearances in our calendar as it’s a Mommy favorite!)

– Read the Christmas Carol

– S’mores by the fire (We draw a picture of a fireplace and cook them this way.)

– Play a Board/Card Game (Mom and Dad choose)

– Call Grandma and Grandpa

– Drive around and look at lights (Did I mention how much I love this one?)

With some creativity and a sense of adventure, this family activity can provide some fun and bonding during the busy holiday season.